WARNING: Protect Your System From Freezing

As the temperatures drop, the risk of your fire sprinkler system experiencing a freeze-induced failure increases. The expansion of the freezing water can cause the sprinkler head to activate or a pipe fitting to rupture. Water damage resulting from freeze damage can be extensive and very costly.

You can follow some simple steps to prevent damage to your system and avoid needing repairs:

  • Inspect your system thoroughly
  • Keep cold air out of the building by keeping doors and windows closed and check for areas that could possibly be letting cold air in such as a break or crack, or an exposed roof area
  • Inspect heaters to ensure they maintain at least 40 degrees at all times in riser rooms or any other areas with sprinkler piping
  • Check to make sure drains are working properly and there are no residual water in areas that could freeze
  • All water-control valves should remain open

If you notice any freezing in your system contact a repair specialist, the quicker it can be resolved the less damage there will be.